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Female, Fictional Characters Who Should Be President

President's Day is by far by favorite holiday. It brings together my love of leadership and America, and it's a really low-stakes holiday where we can celebrate without judgement.

I compiled a list of female, fictional characters who should be president.

Tami Taylor

Friday Night Lights

This is obvious. Do I even need to explain this pick?

Tammy had the ability to lead Dillon High School as their principal in a time tension when the school needed a visionary. She has the long-term vision and strategy to set the country up for success far past her time in office.

Let's not forget that her husband Coach Eric Taylor would make an excellent First Man. He is a motivator who demands respect, but he also has a deep heart that cares deeply about those he loves. That is exactly what America needs.

Taylor McKessie

High School Musical

Can Taylor's credidentals speak for themself?

  • Captain of East High Scholastic Decathlon Team

  • Class President

  • Stage Manager

  • Head of the Science Club

  • Year Book Editor

  • Lava Springs Country Club Activities Coordinator

...and her dream? Becoming the President of the United States after graduating from Yale, of course.

Felicity Merriman

American Girl Doll

Felicity recognized the injustice women experienced during the Revolutionary War period and vocalized it. Her independent and headstrong nature is what allowed her to save Penny the horse. She did not tolerate the abuse Penny faced which led her to releasing her to the wilderness.

Fiercely daring to do something different than the status quo is what makes Felicity the perfect person for president.

Amy March

Little Women

Hear me out. Everyone wants to be a Jo. What's not to love? She's a strong, confident woman who takes the world by storm. Plus, she can write a book, open a school, and run after Friedrich in the rain like no one's business. She gives the men a run for their money.

But Amy has the skills needed to lead a country. She can give a killer monologue, manipulate people, win over hearts (especially Laurie's), and dress for the occasion.

Aibileen Clark

The Help

Aibileen can be shy and timid. She is kind, sometimes to a fault. But it is her bravery and dedication to fight injustice that earn her a seat in the oval office.

Aibileen risked her life to help Skeeter write about the injustices faced by "the help." She was the first to offer her story of wrongdoings in hopes that it could benefit future generations. Her courage led to dozens of women coming forward to reveal their experiences as maids in the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Without Aibilieen, Skeeter wouldn't have a story.

Elle Woods

Legally Blonde

Elle. Freaking. Woods. The girl defied the odds with her motivation and charm to make it into Harvard (yes, the Harvard). Unliked by her cohort at first, she pushes through and wins them over, even her ex-boyfriend Warner. Realizing her worth, Elle rejects him. The ability to say no to a good thing in hopes of a better thing is what we need in a leader.

Can you imagination the bend and snap at the inaugural ball?

Honorable Mention: The Watcher

"Every Breathe You Take"

This is not a female, but it is a creative, hot take.

If you've categorized this as a love song, please think again. It's about a man who is stalking a woman with persistence and obsession. His always-watching presence closely resembles someone we like to call Big Brother.

Every breath you take

And every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

Happy President's Day! May your day be full of red, white, and blue.


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