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Things Everything 2000s Christian Kid Knows

The 2000s were iconic. Paint, flip phones, Silly Bandz, colored skinny jeans, High School Musical, and Scooby Doo fruit snacks. The Christian culture scene was just as historic. Are you ready for some of the top 2000s Christian trends?


Positive, encouraging KLOVE brought us the classics of "I Can Only Imagine," TobyMac, and Skillet.

The Sloppy Wet Kiss or Unforeseen Kiss Debate

What kind of kiss?

  • Sloppy wet

  • Unforeseen

Veggie Tales

Controversial opinion, but I did not and, to this day, do not like Veggie Tales. Talking and singing fruit was not educational or realistic enough for my pragmatic, little heart.

Christian T-Shirts

I can't tell you how faded my "Lifeguard: Mine Walks on Water" shirt was.

Prince of Egypt

Nothing was better than the Wednesday night teacher popping this VHS in. Well, it was better when the teacher handed out goldfish in small Dixie cups.


Brio is the Christian version of Cosmo and Teen Vogue. Focus on the Family retired it in 2009, but it was a happy bi-monthly magazine when I received it.

Wee Sing

The cassettes were on repeat in our minivan.

Facing the Giants

Karen Kingsbury

On the back of every one of my mom's books, this headshot is engrained in my mind.

As so many 2000s Christian kids are deconstructing and leaving the faith, I encourage you to remain steadfast in the Lord. Every generation has cringeworthy things, and Christian culture is not immune. Looking back, we can only laugh.


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